The following pictures are important given the fact that these violation are real and are a serious threat to the safety of all those who occupy structures in New Jersey.

Without licensed Inspectors and Contractors these pictures would be a regular site rather than a rare opportunity to snap a picture.

If you have pictures of electrical work and were wondering “WHY CAN’T I DO THIS” please send them to us to share with others.


Contest for best submission coming soon!



I did this so you could see the ground...

I did this so you could see the ground…

















This equipment is wired for “Quick Access”. The cover plate has been removed. This handy-man once worked in the pits at Daytona.










Tape has been used to limit the amount of water that may enter the Carflex. A mathematical equation exists to calculate the evaporation ratio. I was never able to master the equation so I just use a cover plate and connector.

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