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Professional privacy will allow inspectors to address sensitive subject matter and obtain expert opinions of their peers.  Consistency of enforcement will be the final product.

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  1. UL Warns of Ground Rods with unauthorized UL Marks
    Northbrook, Ill., USA – April 14, 2011: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is notifying Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), electrical contractors, electricians and retailers that the ground rods identified below bear unauthorized UL Marks for the U.S. and Canada. These products have not been evaluated by UL to the applicable Standard for Safety for the U.S. and Canada and are not authorized to bear the UL Mark.
    Name of Product: Ground Rod, Model 834 4X41

    Number of Units: Unknown

    Manufacturer: Unknown

    Date of Manufacture: Unknown

    Defect: The thickness of the copper plating for these ground rods does not comply with U.S. and Canadian Standards for Safety. It is unknown whether the ground rods are suitable to ensure an adequate ground path.

    Identification: The ground rods are 3/4 inch in diameter and eight feet long. The ground rods are marked on one end of the rod with the following information:

    834 4X41

    Photos of the Ground Rod:

    Distributed By: The ground rods may have been sold by electrical distributors throughout the United States.

  2. Hello I was wondering what is the correct way to hook up portable generator to house panel, I heard the to use a transfer switch and also a interlock kit but wasnt sure if the interlock kit is code appliant in new jersey but it says it is legal in the nec code book article 702 for standby ..I am just trying to get an idea because everything I read and hear is mixed….Thank you

  3. Hello I need some help I work for an electrical company and the work I’m being told to do is all rigged up and def in safe and the inspector is not really looking at things very well so anyway I want to know what I should do or who to let be aware of if you can help me my number is (609)879-9289

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