Electrical Inspector of the Year.

The 2020 Electrical Inspector of the Year Nomination will close on January 31, 2020 at Midnight.
NJMEIA Bylaws.

ARTICLE XII Inspector of the Year

012-1 The Electrical Inspector of the Year
1. (a) The candidate is selected by the ”Awards Committee. The awards committee shall consist of 1 officer from each chapter and 2 members from each chapter selected the presidents and the most recent available past recipient. (Rev 12- 14-2011)
2. (b) Criteria.
1. Must be an Active regular member as defined in Article V, section 005-1 (a).
2. Must be currently licensed as a HHS Electrical Subcode in the State of NJ at the time of nomination
3. Must be exemplary in conduct and ability and knowledge;
4. Must have the respect of his/her peers;
5. Must be able to attend the awards ceremony
6. Must have been employed as an inspector for at least five years In the State of NJ (Rev 12-14-2011)
3. (c) Waiver of Criteria.
The aforementioned criteria may be waived by the Executive Board by a majority vote when unusual circumstances determined by the Awards Committee may provide a nomination of a candidate for selection as the Electrical Inspector of the Year.
Page 14 Revision 12/14/11
(d) Hospitality
1. A $250 check for expenses shall be provided.
2. The awards committee shall have a plaque made to be presented to the recipient at the ceremony during Building Safety week. (New 12-14-2011)

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