2017 Electrical Inspector of the Year

Congratulations to the 2017 Inspectors and Technical Assistant of the Year!

Mario I. Patruno, of the City of Hoboken, has been selected as the 2017 Electrical Inspector of the Year by the New Jersey Municipal Electrical Inspectors Association


Before you know it the NJMEIA will be looking for your nomination for the 2018 Inspector of the Year!


ARTICLE XII Inspector of the Year

012-1 The Electrical Inspector of the Year
1. (a) The candidate is selected by the ”Awards Committee. The awards committee shall consist of 1 officer from each chapter and 2 members from each chapter selected the presidents and the most recent available past recipient. (Rev 12- 14-2011)
2. (b) Criteria.
1. Must be an Active regular member as defined in Article V, section 005-1 (a).
2. Must be currently licensed as a HHS Electrical Subcode in the State of NJ at the time of nomination
3. Must be exemplary in conduct and ability and knowledge;
4. Must have the respect of his/her peers;
5. Must be able to attend the awards ceremony
6. Must have been employed as an inspector for at least five years In the State of NJ (Rev 12-14-2011)
3. (c) Waiver of Criteria.
The aforementioned criteria may be waived by the Executive Board by a majority vote when unusual circumstances determined by the Awards Committee may provide a nomination of a candidate for selection as the Electrical Inspector of the Year.
Page 14 Revision 12/14/11
(d) Hospitality
1. A $250 check for expenses shall be provided.
2. The awards committee shall have a plaque made to be presented to the recipient at the ceremony during Building Safety week. (New 12-14-2011)

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